Monday, March 06, 2006

MasterCard 'priceless' ad serves do-it-yourself comedic levity for retailers (

MasterCard International surely did not plan for its core customers to laugh and have fun at their expense by typing what they really feel, but... Sunday evening's Academy Awards (R) featured several MasterCard International "fill in-the-blank" spots that are easy to spoof.

Viewers were prompted to visit and enter a contest. The comical side is that when you visit the site you can type in the word "interchange" and then view the recast commercial with the text you just entered. Merchants who face this annual $25 billion fee and consumers who pay this hidden tax with each charge and debit card purchase may find some humor in viewing the freshly designed spots.

Afterwards, you can even forward the link from your custom-designed commercial for others to watch too.

[Update: BrandWeek reported that 100,000 consumers responded to the contest]