Wednesday, March 29, 2006

30 Minute Photos Etc.® (lead plaintiff) Profile (Photo Trade News)

Photo Trade News® , by Jerry Lansky, Excerpt:

Every industry has its “go-to” guy. Whenever we talk about a moon shot, Walter Cronkite is called on to comment. When it’s a matter of international relations, it’s Henry Kissinger (though of late, retired newsman Dan Rather is frequently sought for an opinion).

The retail photo processing industry has its own spokesman of sorts. Maybe not with quite the global stature of the aforementioned, but without the grey hair. It seems as though when there’s a newspaper or magazine article having to do with on-site processing, chances are you’ll see him being quoted as an industry spokesman.

Our industry go-to is Mitch Goldstone. His name pops up in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, LA Times, wire services, magazines, and other media. When there’s a hot topic, Mitch gets called. Sometimes he initiates the call to express his opinion—of which he has many. Then there are Mitch’s somewhat quixotic pursuits, like the current one in which he is the lead complainant in a multibillion-dollar suit against Visa, MasterCard, and some large banks. The entire retail world, including the U.S. government (which has a $100 million stake in the suit), hopes he succeeds.

[source: Photo Trade News® , March 2006]