Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's Higher: Gas Prices or MasterCard's® Market Capitalization? (

With gas prices nearing $100.00 a barrel and MasterCard's® stock price soaring towards $200.00 a share, we cannot help but draw a comparison. More motorists are paying with plastic because they simply do not have enough money in their wallets. The windfall earnings to the banks with still own a hefty percent of the world's second largest payment network continues to rise.

In May, 2006, Forbes' Liz Moyer wrote an article about MasterCard's pending IPO, and questioned, "How priceless is this IPO?" Click here to read. Moyer's was questioning the risk factors to the card association and its investors due to its "considerable litigation risks." As the lead plaintiff in this antitrust case, we haven't seen a significant change of direction and the case continues. So, why exactly is MasterCard a buy at $190.00, when within its SEC offering documents they, like Visa has too, explained that my victory could lead to the company's insolvency. Perhaps, the only thing that has changed are investor's memories of this case. With nearly 800 below news and commentary updates, there is a wealth of reasons to be even more worried than was Forbes' reporter.