Friday, October 26, 2007

Whare's The Outrage - $92.00 Oil! (

Barrel of Gas Reaches $92.00

Remember, when motorists choose credit cards as payment at the pumps, they are typically paying a percent of each fill-up in merchant interchange fees. How can the card associations, along with its thousands of member banks be so conspiring to engage in this windfall profiteering during our nation's economic energy crisis?

Few motorists understand that as gas prices reach new record levels, with crude oil now hitting $91.10, they are more likely forced to pay with plastic, as they simply do not have enough cash. Furthermore, record levels of profiteering is being reaped at their expense.

Where is the outrage?

Is anyone noticing that we are talking about billions of dollars in excessive hidden taxes on service station owners, motorists and our entire economy. The same is true overseas, as other nations face equally exaggerated fuel costs.