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A Pause: Fifth Year Memorial (

[repost from Aug 19, 2006]

Years prior to the merchant interchange class-action antitrust litigation, we lead other advocacy campaigns.

Background: beyond co-editing - The Credit Card Interchange Report and our business operations, several of our local and national campaigns to promote commerce and support important causes were forged from the events of September 11, 2001. That day fueled extraordinary emotions on a global scale. Rather than just watching the horrors of the day, we responded with a project to boost economic patriotism.. It was founded in Irvine, California, so we named it EPICC: Economic Patriotism in Irvine and Coast to Coast.

As native New Yorkers, the following two months were invested in bringing thousands of American's to New York City on Veteran's Day (November 11, 2001) to support the Big Apple, commerce and the airlines.

To view a summary of this campaign which garnered national media coverage, click here.

The following year, on September 11, 2002, as few people were flying, we created "Fly With Courage" and traveled from Barcelona to New York City to Los Angles and demonstrated that air travel was safe. The Los Angeles TV affiliate for ABC covered the return trip. Afterwards, we created "Support The Games" and traveled to Athens for the Summer Olympics when many were staying away.

Many of our grassroots campaigns relate to supporting commerce and human rights. We even took on the controversial musical rapper Eminem during a prior year's MTV Video Music Awards show.

Beyond the news items, like a feature in the August edition of Popular Photography, our company was even profiled in a national IBM ad campaign.

But, as lead plaintiffs in the nation's largest antitrust litigation - representing millions of merchants - this is a new journey; one which we have been engaged in since April, 2005 and paying interchange fees since 1990.

With nearly 500 prior posting, The Credit Card Interchange Report is providing a global reach to this multi-billion dollar issue that impacts all retailers and consumers.

Additional news items are available here.

[source:, link to EPICCUSA]