Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Black Friday" (

We are wondering.

What would happen if on the day after Thanksgiving, on what is known as "Black Friday" - the busiest shopping day - when the credit card cartel is again poised to reap billions, if consumers demanded merchants process their debit cards as .... debit cards, rather than credit cards.

In drawing attention to the interchange fees, this campaign would canvas the nation with attention and raise more questions about the unbridled profiteering by Visa® and MasterCard®. Shoppers would signal they support their favorite stores. Rather than paying the banks a percent of every sale, retailers would then turn over a much smaller flat fee. The card association's are fighting back with contest gimmicks and promotions to force consumers to have stores swipe the cards at the much more costly credit card rates.

During the next few weeks we will explore how to promote and implement this plan.