Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MasterCard International® Responds to U.S. Merchant Interchange Lawsuit (Click here for link to MasterCard® website)

In addition to the above headline link, MasterCard® has two other interesting links on its website; one which seems to be forged in part from the 343 postings below. While pleased they are regularly reading this website, it appears the company created its "Myths and Facts" replies based on the assertions and postings from WayTooHigh.com - The Credit Card Interchange Report.

We stand by our facts. And, here is just one of the links, which isn't from us, but Businessweek.

Then, they offer "
Industry Prospectives." While we have 343 commentaries, articles and news updates that span well over a year, MasterCard® has but two. Only two. The silence is deafening and you can hear the crickets chirping. Besides, we previously posted and reviewed those two prospectives within the below postings.

[Source: WayTooHigh.com]