Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Credit Where It's Due, No, It Won't Be Priceless" (Click here for link to Barron's®)

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WayTooHigh.com Commentary

Did we miss something?

It was surprising that the May 16 Barron's online profile about MasterCard's® planned IPO did not mention in detail the merchant antitrust litigation. From reading the article, potential investors might at first be intoxicated by the perceived value of the MasterCard® brand, but will quickly sober up once they read the "Risk Factors" which might include a complete loss of shareholder investments.

From the recent articles on the IPO, in our opinion, it seems that the banks might be using this opportunity to cash out of their potential liability. Further, as reported in BusinessWeek®, the company is preparing to spend upwards of $650 million to fight the interchange suits.

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