Monday, April 03, 2006

Mock TV Commercial Makes a Point (

If you recall our recent coverage of the MasterCard® "priceless" TV commercial, this would be part II.

From the I-don't-think-this-is-what-the-website-was-designed-for category, a recent press release from Kodak® invited people to interact with their "emotion-filled" Kodak Gallery® TV commercial.

This new, innovative marketing tool invites visitors to have the® website upload and help edit a 60-second TV commercial. Can you imagine Steven Spielberg permitting the public to reedit his theatrical masterpieces? Well, Kodak is having some fun with its famed Kodak Galley® spot and permitting picture-takers to revel in and become part of the experience.

The famous photographs depicted in the Kodak® spot are joined by new ones uploaded from the public. Personally, we are looking forward to having the antitrust litigation against Visa and MasterCard (and the foundation behind soon become just as famous as the people and events photographed within the Kodak Galler® y commercial. is using this tongue-in-cheek spoof to add the "" logo to what otherwise are works of art. The reason: draw attention to the antitrust litigation, because, whether it is an ecommerce business, or any one of the millions of retail merchants which accept Visa® and MasterCard® , they all face (alleged) unbridled, antitrust price-fixing by Visa® and MasterCard® .

So, whether it is ordering photos online or shopping at your favorite corner convenience store, merchants are exposed to interchange fees which are not set by competition, but rather, based on what we see as illegal price-fixing agreements imposed by the banks which own and control Visa® and MasterCard® .

Click here to enjoy the commercial.

[source:; note, the Eastman Kodak Company® did not sanction and is in no way associated for involved with this message].