Thursday, October 20, 2005


Antitrust litigation consolidated and transferred to the Honorable Judge John H. Gleeson, Eastern District of New York. Judge Gleeson is experienced with this type of litigation - click here for background.

Visa, MasterCard and major banks lose out on venue for court location. If you ever saw the film "My Cousin Vinny" and the Joe Pesci character, you will understand why they instead wanted the case heard in the Northern District of Georgia.

However, to the benefit of merchants and consumers, the cases will be consolidated and transferred to the Eastern District of New York before Judge John H. Gleeson. "This will help streamline pretrial proceedings in these actions."

Repeating: The judicial panel on the multidistrict litigation regarding payment card interchange fees and merchant discount antitrust litigation have announced a centralization and consolidation of the 14 actions.

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