Thursday, October 27, 2005


Not just did register a record number of visits on Oct 26th, but it was noticed by all the major banks. It even attracted national media inquiries as well.

From conversations with typical shoppers across the country and consumer advocacy groups, many are urging the launch of this pro-commerce, pro-consumer grassroots campaign next month.

A decision will be announced shortly about using the day after Thanksgiving to draw attention to the hidden tax on consumers from banks' interchange fees.

"Even Washington lobbyist, Susan Molinari's Visa USA funded organization should applaud this campaign. After all, she recently urged consumers to use debit cards as budget advice for transacting business ('Debit Card Becoming Card of Choice for Good Reasons). If Ms. Molinari likes debit cards, surely, she will love consumers using cash," suggested Mitch Goldstone, co-editor of The Credit Card Interchange Report:

See Oct. 26th "A Day Without Credit Cards - A Day With Cash" posting.