Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Look at What Visa® is Up to Now (

The organization that "has the financial support from Visa USA®, is up to new tricks. We have long followed the "grassroots" gamesmanship of the Americans for Consumer Education and Competition, but their latest scheme called is more than reaching.

Although we are also quoted and named within its silly site, we are in good company. The headline: "Mega Retail Corporations are Suing to Add Check-out Fees." Our company (30 Minute Photos Etc.) certainly is not a mega-corporation, but rather an entrepreneurial ecommerce and retail business which was the first to launch the antitrust litigation against the two leading card associations and member banks. The mega-corporation is the banking industry battling us, the millions of merchants across the nation seeking to terminate the nearly $40 billion hidden tax on consumers and retailers.

The name tag printed in the photo on their website says: "Big Store Bob," but for accuracy it should say: "Big Bank Bob."

The new website almost has it right. but, rather showing a giant charge card receipt listing the total, tax and "check out fee," imagine if after the line item "total charge," if consumers and retailers saw the exact merchant interchange fee for every transaction clearly printed on every receipt.