Monday, October 16, 2006

"NACS Chairman Addresses Hot Issues" (NACS)


LAS VEGAS -- “It will be a few weeks before we will know the makeup of the next Congress, good, bad or ugly. But whichever, I can tell you our agenda won’t change,” said NACS incoming Chairman of the Board Sam Turner during his Closing General Sessions remarks at the NACS Show 2006.

"NACS will continue to protect and defend our industry. No matter which issues come up we’ll stay the course and fight for what’s right,” he told attendees.

The biggest and toughest battle, one that Turner compared to “walking up to King Kong and pulling a hair out of his chest,” is over credit card interchange fees.

“Last year our industry paid almost as much in credit card fees as we saw in profits. That’s absurd!” stressed Turner.

But there is promise, noted Turner. Because of NACS, Capitol Hill is paying very close attention to the issue of credit card fees. “Through our efforts, both the House and Senate understand just how outrageous these fees are and that the system is broken,” Turner said. “The battle against the credit card companies will be difficult and NACS will push even further and harder in the next Congress.” ,,,

[Source: NACS]