Monday, December 19, 2005

MasterCard IPO Might Be Price-Less (

MasterCard's IPO might just be "price-less," suggests The Credit Card Interchange Report - The credit card giant is poised to debut a nearly $2.5 billion public offering, but recent articles suggest that the public might become weary of the the planned use-of-proceeds.

The Wall Street Journal on Mon, Dec 19th explained that not all announced IPO deals which are filed actually are completed. expects that the 1400 banks which owns MasterCard, Inc. might have a challenging time trying to unload their credit card interchange liability. The Journal profiled several companies, including Boise Cascade which pulled its IPO after putting it on hold. is closely monitoring the offering to look for signs that MasterCard also might place its planned stock sale on hold or even withdraw it in early 2006.

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