Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"The View From Visa's New Boss" (BusinessWeek)

Encouraging words from new Visa U.S.A. CEO, John Coghlan

From BusinessWeek Online: -Schwab exec John Coghlan is also a former merchant, and he says that experience will color his tenure at the payment-card giant.

When former Visa USA CEO Carl Pascarella announced plans to retire last year, he left some big shoes to fill -- and some thorny legal problems to solve. In 2002, Visa and MasterCard paid $2 billion to settle a lawsuit filed by Wal-Mart (WMT ) and other merchants over debit-card fees. Last month, another group of merchants sued the card companies over credit-card fees.

But rather than hire a lawyer as its next CEO, Visa took the peacemaker approach and named a former merchant. On July 11, the card association announced that its new CEO is John Coghlan, who, prior to spending 17 years as an executive at Charles Schwab (
SCH ), ran a small business called San Francisco Grocery Express Ltd. The 54-year-old San Francisco native vows to pay special attention to merchants' needs during his tenure.

Click here to read the article (BusinessWeek Online, July 12, 2005)